130th is a rapid transit station located at 130th street and King Drive in Chicago, Illinois. It opened on September 17th, 2016 as part of the Red Line extension from 95th/Dan Ryan along with 103rd, 111th, and 115th/Michigan. It is the southernmost CTA station. It is located at grade level, consisting of a very wide station house with farecard machines and 9 turnstiles, an couple telephone booths, and restrooms. This station along with Washington, Howard and Lake on the Red Line, O'Hare, Rosemont, Forest Park, Washington, and Jackson on the Blue Line, Linden and Davis on the Purple Line, Dempster-Skokie on the Yellow Line, Ashland/63rd, Cottage Grove, Harlem, and Clark/Lake on the Green Line, and 54th/Cermak on the Pink Line, is one of the stations to receive restrooms. The terminal station consists of 5 tracks, with only 3 used during non-rush hours and weekends. Trains depart every minute during rush hours and every 7 to 10 during weekends.