The O'Hare Express is a high-speed train running from the O'Hare Intermodal Station to the Block 37 Superstation in Downtown Chicago, with two intermediate stops at Logan Square and Jefferson Park. The section of track from Logan Square to Jefferson Park is next to the CTA Blue Line O'Hare branch of tracks. It utilizes the Union Pacific Northwest Line tracks from Jefferson Park, and prior to River Road it crosses over the Rosemont CTA station before descending into the O'Hare Intermodal Station. Travel time is about 10 minutes.

This project is one of ten projects in Chicago to build the city around railroads. All began after the passing of the 2015 Highway and Transit bill, which was a major factor in making these projects possible.

Station descriptions:

Block 37 Superstation: A single-level station complex below the Block 37 shopping center. Originally planned to open in 2008, the superstation was put on hold until 2015 and construction resumed in early 2016. When the station was put on hold in 2008, about half of it was completed. The station was completed in September 2017 and opened on the 17th of that month. The station is easily accessible by the Washington CTA Blue Line station, the Washigton CTA Red Line station, and the Block 37 shopping center itself. Another shuttle train connects the station to Union Station and Millennium Station.

Logan Square: Blue Line

Jefferson Park: Blue Line

O'Hare Intermodal Station:

The major rail terminal for O'Hare and the northwest suburbs, the O'Hare Intermodal Station serves 15 train routes and a dozen bus routes.