Washington/State is a station on the CTA Red Line's State Street Subway. It is located approximately between Washington and Madison streets under State Street. It is part of the continuous platform between Lake and Jackson stations.

Closure and reopening

The CTA had a desire to build a "super station" under the adjacent development at Block 37. To create the track leading to the station, the continuous platform at needed to be excavated. This would disrupt the continuous platform and the Washington station would need to be relocated. The construction of this track would require the temporary closure of the Washington station. At 12:00 AM on October 23rd, 2006, the Washington-Madison mezzanine as well as the transfer tunnels were closed. The platform was barricaded between Lake and Monroe as crews began to work on the track. However, everything was left in situ in the station. In the Washington-Madison mezzanine, the fare controls and AVMs remained as well. The concession stand was not altered either, as the food there was kept. However, the customer service booths were cleared out.

In 2008, work on the station was halted. The platform was filled in and it reopened soon after. However, trains could not resume stopping at the station as the platform was not ready to reopen. The Washington-Madison mezzanine still remained, with items outdated to almost 10 years, such as the notices of closure to the turnstiles. The station remained this way for quite some time.

In late 2015, the leaders of the Block 37 superstation project decided to cancel the idea of an "airport express" superstation and decided to replace this with a more affordable "Blue Line Express". After restricting the Green Line's East 63rd branch to weekday rush hours due to it being the operating section with the least ridership and there being equally reliable and 24-hour #63 bus service, this cut spending and allowed the CTA to reopen multiple stations. The stations they would reopen were Racine on the Green Line, Main and Asbury on the Yellow Line, and Washington on the Red Line.

On June 25th, 2015, the platform shut down for the Washington station reconstruction.

Inside the Washington-Madison mezzanine, the CTA upgraded the turnstiles to Ventra, replaced the concession stand with a Dunkin Donuts stand, made the AVMs Ventra ones, and removed the notices of closure. The station received a renovation, upgrading the station to make it similar to the Jackson and Lake stations. The transfer tunnels received much of the same. The station work was completed in little time, and the station reopened on September 17th, 2016, the same day the Monroe Transfer Tunnel opened in the subway.